"Inspiring a wisdom culture that adopts ‘eco-village' as an attitude and way of life."


GEN WISE serves as the Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England, branch of the umbrella organisation GEN, representing the nations of Wales, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England. There are four sides to the GEN WISE mission:


1, to bring existing eco-communities together and help them thrive in their heroic sustainability goals through a wider network of support.

2, to bring the applied wisdom they have mastered into the everyday lives of all individuals and 'normal' villages, such that ‘ecovillage’ becomes a mindset and a way of life that is applicable to everyone.


3, to support and inspire the rising of new eco-communities.


4, to be an alchemical meeting point for different ecologically minded initiatives and people to co-imagine and create much greater schemes than any one ecosystem of person / project / organisation can do alone.

our values:


Both ecovillages and the ecovillage mentality, could not be more relevant to our current time and place on Earth.


Taken as an attitude and philosophy, we can live the ecovillage way, firstly within our own lives, then in our homes, communities, and finally our modern towns & countries. Essentially, our entire planet must become an eco-planet, and for that to happen, we wish to inspire every individual in adopting a way of being, thinking, and acting, that has ecological awareness in the heart. 

We believe every one of us is an ecovillage - the human body for instance is a diverse biological community in itself. 'Eco' equates to what is natural, belonging to this Earth, and if something is not natural, it cannot exist here in a healthy state, or have a healthy impact on its environment. 'Village' is a community or network, which is symbiotic. The answers to our world, culturally and environmentally, reside in nature and community. 

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If you belong to an eco-community, would like to develop your intentional community to become more regenerative, or belong to a regenerative project or organisation, you are invited to join our regular online meetings that happen once every 4-6 weeks.


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Meet the GEN-WISE core team:


Karen's background of nearly twenty years is in transformational facilitation. She has coordinated government funded services in the social sector, including designing and facilitating educational programs that promote social health and conscious lifestyles. She sees the unifying of ecological regeneration and greater human consciousness as imperative for a new earth. A writer on culture and consciousness, her published materials include four books. Karen is currently developing a model for community with social and cultural 'coherence' at the heart of the design. 

GEN-WISE Founder and Director, Community Coherence Facilitator 


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Ruth Sutcliffe has lived at Bowden House eco-community in Devon, England since early 2010 where she founded Bowden Housing Co-operative. Previous to this she travelled visiting and volunteering in eco-villages all over the world. She is currently a trustee for Transition Homes Community Land Trust an eco/affordable housing project that grew out of the Transition Town movement. She is passionate about supporting learning to live together more harmoniously with each other and our environment - at home, in community and globally.

GEN-WISE Networking Coordinator, Member of Bowden Community, Devon



Jake Jay-Lewin is NextGEN Europe (youth-arm of GEN’s European region) Operations Manager and a key contributor in growing this youth-network from scratch over six years. His work has included inspiring young people to join the GEN networks by ensuring its relatability and in creating ways to integrate them into existing structures or to create new ones. Jake has visited or worked with over forty emerging or established ecovillage projects and networks across the globe and works professionally in the field of organisational development as a trainer, consultant, and facilitator.

Next-GEN Coordinator & Trainer 



John-Paul is a Teacher and Environmental Educator and has worked in the field for over 20 years. He is a GEN Trainer and Ambassador, an 'An Taisce' Climate Ambassador, plus Founder and Director of Enriched Earth, an ecovillage in Ireland. John-Paul is actively creating links between regenerative initiatives throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and thereby co-ordinating the RI & NI networks within GEN-WISE. 

Coordinator for Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland, Sustainability Trainer


Upcoming event:

Permaculture Design Course


7th Sept - 11th Oct 2019


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Come to the event of the year, the GEN European Conference to be held in july 2020 @ Nature Community, Germany!

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