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- creating paradise on earth



The future is eco-gold

There's barely a single adult on this planet who isn't aware on some level that the way we are going is not sustainable, and that we are in danger of irreparably damaging our home on a macrocosmic level, just like we have destroyed the environments of many eco-systems microcosmically already and thus wiped out thousands of species.


There simply is wholly one solution: eco-sustainable living. Yet many people are afraid and resistant to this, thinking it means having to give up our creature comforts, having basic or no technology and so going back to the ice-age, having to live in the forest miles from 'life,' having to become a hippy, having to give up beauty and fun and convenience, and basically just a whole load of sacrificing all the good things in life! 


But what if it didn't mean this?


What if, it meant an improvement of convenience and luxury?

What if it meant you were healthier, freer, you lived longer, and you had more support?

What if technology was free and abundant?

What if your living environment was more beautiful and stylish than ever and specifically designed to enhance well-being?

What if you were less isolated than before because you live in a community of like-minded people and are part of a wider network of people who all trade with one another?

What if your whole village was designed with well-being, health, aesthetics and convenience in mind?

What if, you could stop 'working' and instead devote yourself to the things you love, for the benefit of others?


What if saving the planet meant living in paradise?


What if, you could move towards this right now? 


Well, you can!


Sure, there are lots of projects, eco-villages and 'hippy' communities out there that may fan your fears, but there are others that are all of the promised above... and/or waiting to be created... by you? This is the vision that we at BeingTula are working towards!

Nonetheless, even on the humble scale of living in simple huts, most people's fears of a reduction in their lifestyles soon vanquish when they experience what other simple nature fans and minimalists have been raving about. Consistently, in all kinds of people, once taken out of the deafening clutter of their 'normal' lives and into a life that is connected with nature and simplified to the essential harmonics of natural living, a magnificent and involuntary transformation takes place that makes these people 'wake up' to how imbalanced their lives were before. The irony is that they fear losing life, only to realise they were never alive, for life is nature; the man-made existence we have all co-created has disconnected us from this very real yet mysterious health giving force. 

Moving forward...


Whether you'd like to eco-pimp your urban pad so that you become healthier and happier and can impress your friends with clever technology, create the easiest vegetable garden in no-time with 'no dig gardening' and turn your food into medicine by changing the energy of the food with positive vibrations (so much scientific research on this now it's just ridiculous that not everyone knows about it), move your life to an existing eco-village for an instant life-karma makeover, or simply reprogram and educate your mind with some online programs so that you can make your own genius pathway, BeingTula have got it sorted for you:

Eco-Living Resources:

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