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Here you'll find the most important events across the whole of Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and England, for learning about and networking in the field of regenerative living, sustainable practices, green technology, permaculture, community living, and restoration of our beautiful WISE lands. 

One Planet Council


One Planet Development Open Week

July 22, 2019

Following a successful launch this year, new dates have been confirmed for the annual OPD Open Week. All tours are kindly hosted free of charge by the residents, however a donation of £3 to £5 per person would be a welcome contribution. 


Dan Hurring


National Permaculture Convergence

September 6-8, 2019

The national permaculture convergence is returning to the fields in 2019 at an eco-activity centre. The convergence will be a thriving hub of ideas, networking and sharing of knowledge. There will be chances for dancing and for research and learning.


GEN Europe


European Ecovillage Conference

July 14-17, 2019

Ok, so Tuscany isn't exactly in the WISE regions. But it is the exception to the rule, because it's the number one annual event in Europe about living together sustainably! Explore the innovative solutions being lived in our communities right now!

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