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Tula Earth Goddess Retreat

Where pure luxury and the wild earth unite to awaken and restore
your true inner Goddess

This is a women’s goddess retreat, specially created to deeply nourish and invigorate your body, to cleanse and expand your mind, uplift and inspire your soul, and most importantly, drop you deep into the earth for empowering and ecstatic embodiment of the goddess you truly are, upon this Earth. 


We aim to explore and restore within you the balance of the four elements, yin and yang, the wild and the pure, the spirit and the body, and therefore heaven and earth – as above, so below.


Balance should be natural. But with lives so disconnected from nature, it is essential to prioritise time for self-care and realignment. For aeons tribal women have enjoyed daily women’s time and rejuvenated in ‘red tents,’ and this need is re-emerging in the modern woman, whom it has been said is to lead the New Earth! 



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3 - 9th December 2017 

@ Rancho Delicioso Eco Village, Montezuma, 

Costa Rica

The River Palace
Getting Wild
Passion Fruit Dome
Beach Therapy
Palace Luxury
Forest Walk
Meet Olivia
Meet Karen
Palace Fun
In the Palace
Cacao Magic Bubbles
Yoga Studio

Take a look at the breathtaking, opulent 'River Palace,' the perfect Goddess jungle playhouse!!


For more information about your magnificent venue, see:

With a powerful program, an exquisite exotic venue surrounded by the raw elements of nature, divine food and passionate facilitators with varied gifts and similar vision, everything you need to activate your full power and joy is provided.


The retreat will comprise of a variety of transformative practices and magical elements, including Earth Goddess permaculture workshops, lovingly created for a powerful, joyful anchoring of your truth as the unique goddess that you are, rooted into this earth. There is space to truly explore, ignite within and connect with likeminded souls yearning to delve further into the power of the female mind, body and spirit. There is opportunity to unleash and release your fears, break into the unknown, and claim the fullest empowerment. 


You will emerge feeling revived and radiant, ready to step back into your world with fresh perspective, brimming with creative juice and inspired to live your life in authenticity. 

The permaculture workshops are as follows: 

Sustainable building: Discussion about various methods of natural construction techniques, natural cooling, energy, and green building. Hands on with Cob building.

Food Forests: Tree planting and maintenance, layers of the forest, guilds, observation exercise in a native forest with jungle hike to Zone 5.

Medicinal Plants and Medicine Making: Native plant walk, tinctures, honey cough syrup and ointments made with local herbs.

Permaculture Site Analysis: Using patterns and the edge effect – design and hands-on making an herb spiral or mandala garden.

Beach - Ecstatic Awakening Dance - Elemental Living - Cacao Ceremony - DeepNature  Immersion Meditation - Permaculture  Waterfall walk - Sacred Sound - Sharing Circles -

Divine food - Herb Mandala 

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Your Facilitators:

Tula's Earth Goddesses, Olivia and Karen - 1 vision, crystal clear intentions, from the heart, always. Plus, Delicioso's passionate Permaculture teachers.


The Venue:

Rancho Delicioso is an exquisite eco village in the exotic Costa Rican pacific paradise of Montezuma. A blend of luxury and deep tropical nature, your accommodation will be in the magnificent fairytale River Palace, on the fabulous hanging nest beds or private rooms, whilst the workshops will take place in the breathtaking outdoor yoga studio, the eco village permaculture gardens,  surrounding jungle and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


The retreat is fully catered for, with delicious vegetarian food - a combination of raw delights and nourishing cooked cuisine - prepared by Rancho's amazing chef, Laura! Please let us know of any far in advance 

For bookings, please contact Karen:

T: (+44) 0 7515 698 316



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Accommodations, food, and all courses and materials are included in the price. What’s not included is your travel expenses to and from Rancho Delicioso, though we are happy to assist.

There are a total of 14 places available, with various options. Please book asap to ensure you get the accommodation type you prefer; first come first served:


Hanging double 'Nest bed' (Opulent goddess luxury! 6 available):

>> £ 970 / $ 1190

Semi private room with Queen bed (Maximum sanctuary! 2 available):

>> £ 970 / $ 1190

Share a bed with a friend and you both get $120 off!!    ( ***for maximum fun!*** )

>> £ 870 / $ 1070

Single sofa bed (2 available. These beds turn back into sofas during the day):

>> £ 870 / $ 1070

Camping next to the River Palace (Bravo :) you will be closest to the Earth, and we might join you!):

>> £ 725 / $ 890

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