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Nature = Life


Nature is essential to life. Simple. There is nothing our senses can perceive, no way of surviving and no thing that can more easily describe us, heal us, or serve us as Nature.


Almost everyone understands and feels in their hearts, how important, how magical, healing and invigorating it is to be in nature. Families head to the hills, beaches, forests and meadows for their holiday fun. Individuals take their chosen sport to a natural location where they can 'breathe' fresh air and clear away the dross of the week. Of course when I say ‘being in nature,’ however, I am taking it to another level. I don’t just mean the physical body – for if you’re in your mind the whole time, you are still only half there if that.


I mean really being there, feeling the intrinsic oneness with nature that is your truth, being in communion with the spirit/s of nature, feeling the different energies of the different trees and plants, experiencing Gaia's wisdom, healing, love. Being present, connected, aware, open – then magical things start to happen that have produced the world's greatest thinkers, artists, visionaries, prophets and sages. 

These days, to be homeless and moneyless is seen as the lowest social status, yet our ancestors did not live in houses or have money to buy products. They were surrounded by food, by medicines, by everything they needed to build shelters, tools, cooking equipment, beds, clothes, weapons. They knew freedom like we can’t begin to imagine today. They knew community, they had tribe, in a way that we have lost and is responsible for a massive portion of national stress and depression. They had health too – from eating pure and wild foods, not the chemicals, sugar and grain that are making us sick today.


Libraries of knowledge for living a free, healthy and pure life are absent from our modern realities, replaced by useless information, dependency and imbalances. In the modern man-made realities we have constructed for ourselves, toxic overload is now killing us:

  • Physical toxins in our food, water, air, 'health' products, services and medicines that slowly and powerfully cause cellular breakdown.

  • Psychological toxins from television, media and advertising which cleverly dulls our consciousness and programs us into slave lifestyles.

  • Emotional toxins from the sheer amount of stress we experience from lifestyles that are simply averse to wellbeing. 


Simple Solution


The solution is not rocket science. It's nature. The answer is in the word: what is natural brings us back to our natural state of being, which is health, wholeness and balance. We are born that way and then slowly poisoned! 

Nature is the key, and we can receive Her healing in a plethora of ways depending on the kind of medicine we each resonate with and need. For instance, there is a natural herbal remedy, essence, or essential oil for every physical and emotional imbalance you can think of. When you become familiar with this, it will astound you that this is not commonly known. Spending actual time immersed in nature is unbeatable medicine for the soul. This combined with a devotional/self-realisation based meditation practice is a steady road to enlightenment... Then you have rewilding courses to help you reconnect with nature on all levels, and the more adventurous plant medicines for radical healing...


There is so much on offer for your re-integration as a whole being. You just need to find trusted practitioners who are expert at their craft. We're here to help.

Go to a nature spot that draws you. Once there, put your thoughts and life to 'one side' and be fully present to the nature around you, imagining that each plant is also being completely present to you.

Let yourself be drawn to one particular plant and make yourself comfortable near it.

Still yourself further by observing your breath and inner energetic state whilst some of your awareness remains with the plant.

As your inner state calms, slowly give more (relaxed) focus to the plant, using a childlike imagination to receive/perceive its 'energy,' through subtle shifts in your inner state, visions or messages.

Thank the plant and the nature spot you have connected with before leaving.  

Only when you open to the Spirit of Life that flows through all of Creation, can you find your self.'

G8G offer many aspects of nature medicine in our retreats and workshops... from wild and deep immersive experiences, to simple and fun flower essence making. 

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Nature Medicines:

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