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February 4, 2016

Open Letter to an Oncologist, 7th January 2009




Dr Seckl,


After our discussion, I have as requested compiled the list of treatments which were successfully used to treat my testicular (stage 4) tumour.


Having been diagnosed with this malignant form of cancer, I eschewed the strongly given advice from yourself and Dr Hale of Paddington Hospital, to have my right testicle surgically removed. This course of action was actually suggested to me by 5 separate consultants and registrars yourself included.


The outcome of my decision to self treat the disease, which you yourself witnessed via an ultra-sound scan, is that my tumour has decreased in mass over a period of 10 months from its peak of 3-4 cm across (far larger in fact than the host testicle) to its present appearance as a vague shadow of less than 1 cm across.


As you are the supposed expert in this field, I have a question for you:

Why did my tumour disappear?


It is actually quite easy to understand and recognise that my healing was due to detoxification and a change of diet. So a further couple of simple questions for you are:

What nutritional factors caused the tumour to reverse its’ progress? What detoxification was instrumental to my cure?


It is not possible to express my feelings towards the supposed ‘treatment’ offered by you without it coming across as being personal, as everything you did and said since my first visit to your clinic has been detrimental to my health and well being. Stating that to heal from a tumour is ‘very very rare’ whilst implying that I would most likely return to the clinic with metastasis of the tumour throughout my body, in an obsequious and patronising manner is clearly not going to be supportive, or to encourage healing. These words betray a fundamental lack of knowledge of the role of belief in illness, and the importance of a positive expectation to recovery. It is not good enough to offer ‘realism’ as an excuse, when that ‘realism’ is offered at the cost of more sick and dead patients.


By far the best course of action for my survival was to avoid your advice and your methods. Chemotherapy is a farce, surgery is an insult, I see right through you and the treatments you offer - You are peddling lies and snake oil. Deny that if you will, but as I am sitting here, you cannot deny that I have done what you told me was not possible. Clearly one of us knows more about the causes and cures for cancer than the other.


Deep down you know the truth in what I say, you know that you present no convincing explanation for cancer and that your patients die with painful regularity. The greatest lie in medicine today is that the cause of cancer is unknown. The truth is that many causes of cancer are well known and understood, and equally so are many cures. The ignorance enshrined in the current ‘orthodox’ approaches to cancer is planned, encouraged and intended by those who profit from your methods. If you are simply a witless pawn in this wider scenario, I can only say that I’m sorry for your position. This will not be comfortable reading for you, but I know from my own experience that some experiences of becoming conscious, awake and aware of the truth are very painful, and also unavoidable.


It is not only possible to cure cancer with detoxification and nutrition but easy. The same goes for diabetes, high blood pressure, MS, and pretty much every chronic disease. Cancer is completely curable, yet you know the survival rates of your patients, which are a testimony to your methods.


As I repeatedly stated quite clearly to both yourself and Dr Hale from the beginning, my recovery was a predictable outcome, based upon widely known and simple to apply nutritional principles. It is quite clear to us both what has occurred as a result of my self-administered treatment: this malignant tumour, which you would hold to be untreatable except with the options proffered by your clinic, has healed painlessly, with no lasting damage to my health.


Glib comments about ‘the NHS not being perfect’ in the face of this evidence, are perfectly indicative of the closed mindedness of yourself and your peers in treating patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. To ignore the perfect medicine given to us by nature (food and nutrition) in favour of throwing away body parts because chemicals will not ‘fix’ them, and then to compound the insult by subjecting the immune system to the massive, carcinogenic assault that is chemotherapy and radiation, is a pretty good definition of institutional insanity.


Having myself become certified in hypnotherapy many years back, it is clear to me that the same mechanism that leads the patsy in a stage hypnosis act to eat an onion believing it to be an apple, is at work in your own interpretation of the data that your own five senses provides to you of the results of the ‘orthodox’ ‘treatments’ for cancer. Therefore my expectations are low, that the information I present here will make a difference for those unfortunate enough to receive a diagnosis of cancer in future, and in turn receive immense pressure into accepting the dangerous, ineffective and hugely physically insulting route of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.


I have demonstrated beyond question, with my own life as collateral that the current methodology as practised by you and throughout the NHS, is at best in-appropriate, although I believe criminally negligent would be a more appropriate term. Let’s be entirely clear – most of the patients that die whilst in your ‘care’, are killed by the treatment, not the disease. That is not the same as saying that no treatment is an appropriate route, any more than ignoring a car bearing down upon us on a motorway would be, instead what is appropriate is to take action with a Naturopathic  understanding of the human body.


Should the success of my naturopathic approach genuinely have been celebrated by you as proof that there are far more appropriate treatments than the usual cut, burn or poison route, I may have derived more satisfaction from sharing my progress at our last consultation. However as with both of my previous visits to your clinic, I left with an unpleasant feeling of having been subjected to a bedside manner consisting of patronising, demeaning and ultimately hope sapping platitudes.


The saddest joke of all, is that there is not one elusive cure for cancer out there but many, all of which are readily accessible to the medical community should they choose to look. The mavericks in your own field have written extensively on the true causes of and cure for cancer, and published their own readily verifiable successes. Many great scientists who have spoken out have been ostracised for their efforts. Should you have the courage to learn how to truly treat and cure cancer, the same fate would await you. In return you would however have the far greater reward of sleeping in good conscience, and knowing that you genuinely assisted the patients that were in your care.


In spite of the above misgivings noted about the nature of our ‘patient’ ‘physician’ relationship and your willingness to reassess the advice given to your patients in future, here is the full and complete list of treatments which were involved in my recovery. The total financial cost was around £3-4,000, however much of that was spent on therapy which I wished to take in order to discover the emotional substrate of my condition.


Should these same treatments ever become available via health insurance or the NHS, the total cost would instead amount in the hundreds. You must at the very least, agree that this cost is far lower, both in cash and in human terms, than the ‘treatments’ currently available from your own clinic.


Treatment Basis and Approach:


Cancer is primarily associated with a fungal overgrowth. This is in turn linked to

a) Poor diet


b) Over toxicity

From this standpoint, my successful treatment consisted of an approach in a number of stages:

  1. Improving the diet to provide nutrition for the body to use to reverse the condition

  2. Alkalise the system to reverse the over acidity which favours fungal growth

  3. Removal of toxicity to allow the body to cleanse itself

  4. Supplements to address the underlying fungal condition

The treatment consisted of the following elements:

Dietary Changes:

Solely raw, live (un-pasteurised, not processed) food


Greens Based

Approximately 4 pints daily of purified, alkaline, anti-oxidant (ionised) water



Vitamin C

Anti Fungal Treatments:

Essiac Tea

Tulsi Tea

Black Walnut Hull tincture


Pau D’arco

Zeolite (NCD brand)

Anti pathogen oxidising agents and electro therapy:

MMS (chlorine dioxide)


Zapping as per the Becks protocol

Oxygenated Water (1 glass daily)

Diagnostic Tools Employed:

Live blood Microscopy

pH Strips

Health Kinesiology

Energy Therapies:

Soul Reading

Vortex Healing

DNA Theta

Psychic Surgery


Mental Approaches:

Innertalk Hypnotherapy CDs

Restriction of interaction to the most inspiring friends

Avoiding the fear based ‘orthodox’ medical environment


Should anyone else wish to follow in my footsteps, healing from cancer is an entirely replicable, achievable goal. I do not however guarantee that the steps which I took would be entirely right for anyone else, as every case history is different and cancer requires a truly personal healing journey to move beyond, and live through.


This letter is written in love and light, with every prayer for all our fellow humans who choose to walk the path of experiencing cancer in this lifetime.






Dickon Walker

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