The Power of Yoga Nidra

February 16, 2016




Today Chinmayi Dore looks at The Power of Yoga Nidra for Body Image and a Positive Outlook



Even if you have never practised yoga before you may have heard about it’s benefits to the mind, the body and your soul. You may not understand why or how it does this. And although you may have little interest in the physical aspect of yoga, there is a very special practice called Yoga Nidra which involves no movement. It is thought to be the most effective relaxation you can do. And yet it is maybe 1000s of years old!


Nidra means sleep. It is not your attention to go to sleep with this practice but if you do, it doesn’t matter. Just go with the flow. It can actually really help with sleep problems. This guided practice will work very deeply on the subconscious parts of your mind and will help with stress and overwhelm. But especially in this practice, body image and confidence.


10 benefits of Yoga Nidra include: 

  1. It helps in relieving muscular, emotional, and mental tension.

  2. Yoga nidra relaxes the mind by relieving stress and anxiety. It heals depression and nervous imbalances.

  3. It treats insomnia, psychological disorders, and psychosomatic diseases. It is known to be used in the treatment of trauma and shock.

  4. It trains the mind and helps in enhancing memory and increasing learning capacity.

  5. Yogic sleep also results in increased energy levels.

  6. It heals endocrinal imbalances and ensures optimal functioning of the endocrine system.

  7. Yoga nidra not only detoxifies the body, but also clears up the subconscious. It helps in releasing the ‘repressed matter’ from the subconscious.

  8. It improves creativity.

  9. It also leads to improved senses and more cultivated body awareness.

  10. Yoga nidra restores the mind and body and leads to restructuring of the whole personality from within.


Click HERE to access your Yoga Nidra session.


This powerful session is included in Chinmayi’s book BodyMAGIC! - a Blissful End to Emotional Eating  but she’d like you to have it today and for you to pass it on to anyone you know who suffers with a poor body image. With practice it will clear the mind of limiting beliefs and reinstall a deep love for the self. And the magic is that it doesn’t take a long time. The session is only 30 minutes and we can usually notice a difference within 3 weeks of regular practice. 


The world does need to relax more and the benefits of Yoga Nidra have been scientifically proven. You have everything to gain from this time-honoured practice.


Be curious, but let go and enjoy


Om Shanti (peace)


What else can you do to help yourself today?


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Chinmayi by asking these questions on her Facebook Group HERE!


And she is offering a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss individual challenges relating to emotional eating, yoga or meditation, during this week ONLY. Book that HERE!




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