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Living on the Earth - remembering the ways of the ancients

April 27, 2016



I had to wonder – what the true purpose was of spending a week camping out in Devon learning to make fire with a bow drill and weave baskets. At a conscious level, I had a list of reasons why I was attending the Schumacher College’s ‘Living on the Earth – remembering the ways of the ancients’ course.


Our ancestors once lived completely within the natural rhythms and senses of mother earth. They knew everything about nature and how to survive and thrive in its movements, just like how today, we know how to – well, actually, what do we know today? We know how to drive to shops to buy stuff that other people have made, consume it, and put the stuff we don’t want into bins that then gets mysteriously taken away. We know how to while away our time filling up our mental databases with information from an onslaught of mass media, all while our own planet, in real time, in reality, gets rapidly devastated.


These days, to be homeless and moneyless is seen as the lowest social status, yet our ancestors did not live in houses or have money to buy products. They were surrounded by food, by medicines, by everything they needed to build shelters, tools, cooking equipment, beds, clothes, weapons. They knew freedom like we can’t begin to imagine today. They knew community, they had tribe, in a way that we have lost and is responsible for a massive portion of national stress and depressi