Bringing in balance - this is a hippy one ... the new paradigm on earth

January 30, 2016

For many many years the spiritual path has been to ascend into the light. So on earth we have all been trying to be about love & light. It is definitely an important aspect of my journey. Trying to be a better person, working from the heart space. But the more and more I am on this journey the more I am questioning whether this is the best way forward? Most people’s response to this is it’s just your ego. Is it my ego or am I just truly beginning to trust myself? To trust something that I know deep inside? I know what my ego feels like I’ve had her for years, she’s berated me and made me feel like crap and doesn’t talk to me in a nice manner …. For example… ‘Why are you teaching yoga? No one wants to know anything from you?’ these type of comments in my head are my ego. Then I have a deeper knowing the knowing that just wants everyone to be in balance and be nice to each other. This part of me struggles with the idea of 100% light and love. Not because I don’t agree with coming from the heart I completely do – this is imperative; but because I feel there is an undertone of darkness, a glimpse of anger and a look away to sadness covered by a smile. This is the part that I’m not sure of and I don’t understand.


We are human we are not ascended masters, angels, guides we are made up of light and dark I’m afraid unless we embrace both we will repress one and repression isn’t good for anything. When we repress we hate this is not loving ourselves. We end up hating that aspect of ourselves and not accepting therefore judging. Our angels, guides, ascended masters don’t want us to be fully light they want us to be humans to engage on a human being level so we can help other humans.


I believe this is the new energy and the new paradigm coming to earth – balance – for us to completely love and accept all aspects of ourselves and therefore be in balance and have freedom. In balance we can relate to each other with no passive aggression, we can be completely happy for others because we can go about and express ourselves freely. Its physics really there has to be balance so for every one person being light this has to be equaled by one being dark – what about if we were all in balance? IMAGINE? If we all knew who we were, we had compassion for others but allowed ourselves to speak freely about our boundaries without any hurt or tension. I can see this, I feel this.



It is sometimes met with resistance because it is a different idea. The new energy coming to the earth takes form in Crystal Children. All you need to do is look at these children to see it is more about balance, these are not light and floaty children. These children have gumption, passion, they have fire.



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