Connecting with Earth is Essential!

January 5, 2016



Returning to communion and oneness with Mother Nature is essential now, in every possible way, for every reason of any relevance. It’s who we are, it’s our answer and direction, it’s our way and method, and our goal and remembering.



Earth Changes


The beautiful land of natural abundance and life, that we live upon, Earth, is changing. We, children of this land, are changing. We know this – we’ve been reading and talking about for years, thinking about it, feeling it, and experiencing it.


Just briefly, we know that energetically we are one with all of nature, and that as demonstrated by shamans and science alike, e.g. studies with the polygraph, nature is conscious, communicative, and loving. We know that we as humans are currently like a virus on this planet, destroying the naturally perfect balance and synergy of its living systems, and thereby effectively committing a great suicide of the whole organism.


We know also that every ancient culture has prophesised about these times, that we have turned to meet the centre of the galaxy for the first time in 26,000 years, that the geomagnetic field and Schumann harmonics of the earth have changed, and that these activities are inseparable from concurrent changes in human consciousness, e.g. GCMS, HeartMath.


We also know that the children being born now are an energetically more evolved race (from 2012 onward all children are Crystal Humans. See for more information).


I now know, along with many others, that whereas ascension previously meant leaving the planet, now it means staying; that every living thing in this planet has a spirit, and collectively is our Divine, Mother Earth; that we are not separate from her, but one; and that connecting with the body and spirit of Earth, and living harmoniously with her has always been essential to our health and happiness, but now is imperative for our continued existence here, for look at what has happened as a result of making ourselves separate.


We are all one, with Mother Earth and the Great Spirit, and that love connection is our life force, which sustains us with everything we need to live in blissful harmony. The severing of this connection makes us left-brained, ego-led, narrow-visioned, selfish, fearful, full of illness, misery, and suicidal destructiveness.


We are in the transition period to a new earth, and a new spirituality upon that earth, one that evolves from the fulfilment of the last period, a Mother Earth based spirituality, honoured by and merged with Father Sky, one that is very pure, very natural, very strong, practical, and very loving. I am holding that vision, and ask you to.





Yet to make this transition and fulfill the mission of ‘Project Earth’ is something that requires a lot of consciousness, and to be honest, although many people desire the changes and enjoy celebrating them, not many are actively and courageously asking their hearts, ’What is my purpose here? What can I do to help bring this about in the way that was uniquely gifted to me? What is the greatest vision I hold in my heart, of which my spirit has the potential of experiencing, being, and creating, here at this paramount junction in Earth’s history?’


It is incredible how many beautiful beings are waking up – the unfoldment of consciousness is a miracle to see. Yet there is still a lot of awakening to do. People have been kept small for so long, they are afraid of expanding into their full potential for greatness. Other people feel they’ve worked hard for the amount of ego-led greatness they’ve acquired, and fear losing it, unaware of how seriously they will lose in the end if these risks are not embraced.


I see this in my therapeutic work with others. I have been gifted the intuitive ability of seeing a person’s fully realised and embodied spiritual self in crystal clarity, and it is quite heart-breaking to witness the self-imposed prisons that people maintain around them when they could be so magnificent.



Breaking through the Veil


For me personally moving out of the city was a tremendous step. For others, being in the city is a part of their purpose and truth, and if this is the case, you’ll feel happy and alive there. However, many people need to leave but are very easily addicted to the ‘buzz’ and vibrancy of the city. Cities are huge dead zones, where the earth below, more essential for us to have contact with than we can possibly imagine, has been covered over with miles of concrete. This in itself is so backward to our wellbeing, health, and synergy with the mother organism it’s startling.


The hyperactive-achievement-consumerist oriented consciousness of the city traps people into it’s own hologram of reality with its own urgent and overpowering collective belief system, making it very difficult to connect with a very different reality. When I go into London now, I feel like a total alien, although it can be fun for a day or two.


Now, for those of you who still live in the city, I am not suggesting that you drop everything and move to the forest tomorrow (unless you’re feeling drawn to!). Yet I am advising you to step out of its sphere of influence regularly to better tune into your heart.


One of the effects of being in the city, or living from the mind even, is ‘the mission.’ I used to fill my life with numerous deadlines for my lightworking projects and goals, and enjoyed spending much of my spare time working on these things. I loved the sense of purpose and esteem it gave me. I didn’t react well to the pressure I inflicted on myself however, and although I was meditating every day and believed myself to be in a state of calm and connected to Spirit, looking back, and comparing to now, I was not in the state of blissful relaxation that comes from living in the heart. I was coping with the reality of my job, with travelling across London everyday, and living in a 3rd dimensional environment, so ‘well’ that I stayed with this lifestyle far longer than I should have if I weren’t so progressed with the calming, accepting emollient of meditation and spiritual practice! Yes, the ego can often use this against us, helping us to cope and sustain rather listen to the truth and make changes.


The heart never pushes us to work hard past the point of relaxation and enjoyment. The heart knows it isn’t necessary, because all the goals related to your life purpose will come about in a very effortless way if you just listen to it. A lot of layers of ego consciousness had to be peeled away before I realised the so simple truth that Spirit wants us to be happy, and Spirit wants us to fulfil our purpose for being here, so in following our hearts we allow that to happen – Spirit isn’t out to trick us! We’re not meant to be struggling and stressing and rushing, and the world around us isn’t going to fall apart like we fear if we relax, listen, and trust! The truth is that all we need to do in fact is get out of the way and let Spirit move.



Mother Earth Spirituality


Returning to communion and oneness with Mother Nature is essential now, in every possible way, for every reason of any relevance. It’s who we are, it’s our answer and direction, it’s our way and method, and our goal and remembering.


For me, Mother Earth, in her manifest and spiritual forms, is that which opens my heart up so wide that it becomes an ocean of love and joy; that which makes me feel like a child of the universe again, innocent, pure, carefree, wild, and wise; that which connects me with my deepest wisdom, highest truth, and greatest guidance, that which sends my spirit soaring up into heaven.


Almost everyone understands and feels in their hearts, how important, how magical, healing and invigorating it is to be in nature. Of course when I say ‘being in nature,’ I don’t just mean the physical body – if you’re in your mind the whole time, you are still not actually there at all.


I mean really being there, feeling the intrinsic oneness with nature that is your truth, being in communion with the spirit/s of nature, feeling the different energies of the different trees and plants, experiencing her wisdom, healing, love. Being present, connected, aware, open – then magical things start to happen.


For some general examples, I have learnt that it is more difficult to think outside of the box, when you’re sitting in one. When I go outside to be with the earth and sky, the ideas, inspiration and guidance I receive is like a crystal clear river of light, when only moments before, when inside, I may have been in a heavy fog. Being outside always gives me perspective, clears my energy, and gives me anything else I need for what I am facing. It is like plugging into Source and being recharged.


Often, even if it is dark outside, cold and raining, it doesn’t matter; I step out into the damp, cold, cloudy, night, and feel the air, feel the space and openness all around me, smell the rain. Just a few moments makes a difference.

Often the trees and other plant spirits have a message to give. Mother Earth has so much wisdom and healing power that is accessible to us, and we in turn have so much power to heal her.



Healing Mother Earth


Although there is much debate regarding how much Mother Earth actually needs our help, given that she is capable of throwing us off at any moment, it is important to be in your heart and remember that no matter what size or power you have, every being wants and deserves love, and when you don’t have it, you can begin to lose spirit. It’s not meant to be a battle – she loves us and has put up with so much because of it; she’s given us so much, and it’s time to really show our love and gratitude in return – not because she’s powerless, but because we love and honour her and want her to flourish again; because we want to live in harmony with her again.


The joy, the love, the Divinity we experience in her woods, meadows, hills and oceans, fills her with great happiness. We will not honour her by being sad about what has happened – only by embodying pure Divine love and letting it flow into her core.

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