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Top 10 Tips for an Urban Ecovillage Lifestyle:


Recommended: see this as a long term adventure. Rather than rush to do a complete eco life-over, enjoy the space to integrate one change at a time, to avoid overwhelm & ensure it lasts.

Community Gardening

Find sustainability and regenerative groups and events happening in London, so that you meet others and can start to grow a community & maybe start projects. Use Meetup & Eventbrite to start finding your tribe!

Find Your Regenerative Community
DIY Macrame Flowerpot Hangers

Reconnect with the cycles of nature, and the joy of growing food... Even in the smallest flat you can grow herbs or salad on the windowsill or get some stunning vertical containers for the balcony wall... if there's light there can be food!  

Grow something - anything!
Domestic Waste Bin

With very little top soil left in the world for food to grow, making compost is top priority, and is something we can all do - even in the city! Check if your council provides a food waste service, so that it is collected and taken away to make fresh compost! 

Soil = black gold! Compost your food
Zero Waste Store

Farmers Markets are a great way to feel a sense of community, and like zero waste stores, you can bring your own containers & bags to fill. Single use plastic must stop! There are loads of options now in London and it's fun to fill your own jars! 

Farmers Markets & Zero Waste Stores
Saleswoman in Boutique Store

From your energy company, to your shopping bags, to your toothbrush, food storage, menstrual cups, cleaning products, there are now eco-friendly, reusable, or compostable options for everything, which are ahead of the game in style & design too!

Switch to reusable / eco everything!
Light Brown Accessories

The fashion industry is one of the biggest bad guys for the environment. It's time to get creative and rehash current clothes, buy from charity shops, swap with friends, and buy from thrift stores like Etsy, who offset 100% of their shipping emissions. 

Upcycling, charity shops, swaps, & ethics
Community Garden

Everyday 900 billion animals are slaughtered in the most heartless manner. In clearing land for them, the naturally biodiverse carbon sequestering habitats are also destroyed. And yet plant proteins make us look and feel absolutely great!

Pro Plant: Reduce meat & dairy consumption
Bikes on a Bridge

Everyone loved riding their bike when they were young. You'd love it now too if you make the time & space for it. Zoom past traffic and experience London in the most fun & eco way. You could make use of the network of Satander bikes and 'Cycle to Work' Scheme. 

Stay Young: Cycle at least once per week
Casual Meeting

Even if it's just you and a few of your mates to begin with, download the Transition Town guide (free, link adjacent), and start the wild adventure of transitioning your local neighbourhood towards an eco neighbourhood. All great revolutions began with a few explorers. 

Start a Transition Town Group

Expand your knowledge and experience base by booking on some life-enhancing courses. There are re-wilding courses to help you reconnect & re-skill as a part of nature; or learn permaculture; or why not take an ecovillage design course, or become a GEN trainer?

Re-Educate: Go on some eco courses!

Recommended Websites for going planet-friendly:


For depth of information & resources: Low Impact

Try Low Impact's sister site, Non-Corporate for guidance on how to de-matrix yourself and your family. 

For good information, heart, & prettiness: Sustainable Jungle

Download the essential & free Transition Guide to transition your village or town:


GEN-WISE is partnering with the pioneers of the sober rave scene, Morning Gloryville, whose values include community, wellbeing, playfulness, transformation and sustainability. 


GW will be co-facilitating a Sustainability Focus Group at MGV's 'Wellness Lounge' launch at Arboretum, London's first sustainable members club. 


Join us: 8th December 2020


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